The Laity Pumpkin Patch has many different attractions for your family to enjoy.  All of our attractions are included in the price of admission.  During public hours you can view our attractions at your leisure.  School tours are guided.  For more information on our school tour please see the School Tours Page.

If you work up an appetite while at the farm, we have a concession which offers a variety of snacks, hot or cold drinks and hot dogs.

We recommend you plan your trip to the pumpkin patch earlier in October rather than later.  In early October the weather is usually warmer and drier and the pumpkin patch is usually a little quieter.  Your pumpkins will last at home until the end of October if you keep them in a cool dry place such as your garage.

Every year we add a few new things and change things up a bit so our returning guests always have a few "surprises."
Corn Maze

Let the kids be the guides through the "cornfusing" trails! Our one acre corn maze is the perfect size for the little ones who never seem to get tired of finding their way out!  NEW FOR 2015 - Meet the Cornstone Family in the Corn Maze!
Frontier Town

Inside the woods you will find the frontier town.  Visit the general store and the schoolhouse but don't get caught by the sheriff or you might get locked up in the county jail.  Don't forget to stop by the Pumpkin Family house to see what the Pumpkin family is up to this year!
Farm Animals

We have a wide variety of farm animals including emus, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cockatiels and sheep. 
Vegetable Gardens

Learn about some of the fall vegetables that can be grown in your backyard such as kale, turnips and beets or enjoy taking pictures in front of our huge colorful fall vegetable garden.  In addition to the pumpkins, we also have a variety of squash and gourds available for sale.
Wooden Animals

Sit back and relax while the kids play with our interactive wooden displays.  Kids can milk a cow, feed a chicken or a turkey, find eggs in the chicken coop, make a pizza with foods found on the farm and drive a tractor.
Pan for "Gold"

Let the kids learn how to pan for "gold" just outside of frontier town.  They can use the gold pans to swish the sand and rocks around until the "gold" emerges.
Tractor-Wagon Ride

Jump on the hay wagon for a little ride behind the barns.  While you cruise past the corn maze and the geese watch to see if the emus try to race the tractor.
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Fairy Tale Trails

As you wander through the woods, enjoy the fairy tales that line the trails.  We have old some of the old classics and many of the new stories that your children love.  Come see Shrek & Fiona, the Little Mermaid, your Jungle Book friends, the Three Little Pigs & Snow White and many others.

Step back a few hundred million years and enter the dinosaur era deep in our woods.  See if you can name more of the dinosaurs than your child can.  Keep your eyes open for dinosaur bones and dinosaur eggs.
Photo Opportunities

Don't forget your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities on the farm.  The fall colours are vibrant and they make for beautiful photos. We also have a pumpkin display on the hay wagon designated specifically  for photos.
Pick a Pumpkin

After you have enjoyed all of our attractions, don't forget to pick a pumpkin.  There are thousands of pumpkins in the field to choose from .  If you don't want to venture into the field we also have many pumpkins near the barns to choose from.  We have wheelbarrows available for use.  Prices of pumpkins depend on the size.
Pumpkin Zoo

After the dinosaurs, you can visit our pumpkin patch zoo filled with animals from today.  See the lions, tigers, elephants and giraffes plus many more - all wooden of course!
Mushroom Forest

At the back of the woods you will find mushroom forest complete with a miniature world of gnomes and fairies.  You will also find unicorns and leprechauns in this fantasy-theme area.  Look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.